Indonesian Police Targeting to Solve 89 Land Mafia Cases This Year



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Police's Land Mafia Task Force is targeting to solve all cases by the end of 2021. Brig. Gen. Andi Rian, director of general crimes at the Police Headquarters, said the procedures would be carried out by the Task Force in each regional police department, or depending on the location of the case.

    "Overall, based on the results of verification between the ATR/BPN Ministry and the National Police, there are 89 cases targeted to be solved in 2021," Andi said in a written statement, Wednesday, April 14.

    Andi said that of the 89 cases, 37 had been processed as they were included in the '100 days program' of the Indonesian National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

    The National Police Headquarters has formed an Anti Land Mafia Task Force, which will cooperate with the Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR) Ministry/the National Land Agency (BPN).

    The National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit, has instructed all members of the force to thoroughly investigate land mafia cases throughout Indonesia. This is in line with President Jokowi's instructions to focus on eradicating land mafia practices.

    "Eradicate the practice, regardless of whoever is backing it," Sigit on February 23.

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    Andita Rahma