Shopee Denies Allegations of Courier Oppression, Low Wage



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Multinational tech firm focusing on e-commerce, Shopee International Indonesia, responded to circulating news suggesting the company has set a low wage for its couriers. The news went viral on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag ‘shopee tindas kurir’ (shopee oppresses its couriers).

    Executive Director Shopee Indonesia Handhika Jahja claimed the company provides competitive incentives for its Shopee Express (SPX) partners - a general term tech firms use for third-party couriers - compared to similar logistical firms. 

    Jahja exlained SPX couriers delivering 80 packages across the Jakarta greater area (Jabodetabek) could receive average incentives up to Rp2,213 per package (roughly US$0.15). 

    “To illustrate this the average wage per package in the market is around Rp1,700 and Rp2,000 by other logistics firms,” the Shopee Indonesia executive wrote in a statement on Tuesday, April 13. 

    He asserted that the incentives scheme adopted by the company adheres to existing regulations in each region. It is also said to refer to the market price as a meeting point between users’ demands and Shopee Express partners or couriers. 

    The tag ‘Shopee oppresses couriers’ spread quickly on Twitter on Sunday evening which came after rumors that its couriers had gone on strike due to wage payment issues, thus allegedly causing delays in the delivery service. However, Jahja denied this and claimed its couriers were not on strike.

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