KSPI Urges Govt to Set Full Payment of 2021 Eid Allowances or THR



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  • Illustration of Eid allowances. (Doc. Manpower Office)

    Illustration of Eid allowances. (Doc. Manpower Office)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal has urged the government to make a policy of full payment for Eid al-Fitr holiday allowances or Eid allowances (THR), and if it has to be paid in installments, the companies must show a loss report.

    "(We) reject the THR payment in installments even though the National Tripartite agreement to be recommended to the labor minister, has been circulated on the social media with one of the contents that I read says it would  hand it over to the bipartite if  companies are unable to pay THR," said the President of KSPI at the virtual press conference monitored on Sunday.

    Said's statement refers to the recommendation from the discussion of the National Wage Council work team and the National Tripartite Worker Body regarding the 2021 THR which will be submitted to the Labor Minister Ida Fauziyah.

    Regarding the issue of submitting a decision on the THR payment to an agreement between workers and companies, Said said if the company cannot pay it in full, the company must transparently include a financial report that shows the losses over the past two years.

    "What must be emphasized in the next circular from the labor minister is that even though it is a bipartite mechanism, it cannot be paid in installments. If a decision has to be made at the bipartite level, it must be preceded by disclosing the company's financial statements that they have suffered losses for two consecutive years," Said pointed out.

    To emphasize those demands, along with various other issues such as Job Creation Law, Said said workers would carry out demonstrations both offline and virtually on Monday (4/12), which would involve thousands of workers in 1,000 factories in 20 provinces across Indonesia.

    Earlier on Monday, Minister Fauziyah said that the scheme for granting THR 2021 was still under discussion involving the National Wage Council and the National Tripartite Committee.

    "We will listen to reports from the National Wage Council Work Team and the National Tripartite Worker Agency. After that, a provision will be issued through a circular regarding the THR," said Fauziyah.

    On that occasion, she also ensured that THR is an obligation that employers must pay to their employees.

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