Police Confirm 22,000 Civilian Firearm Owners in Central Java



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  • Illustration of firearm. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

    Illustration of firearm. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The police reported that some 22,000 civilians in Central Java Province owned firearms.

    "There are some 22,000 owners of firearms that exclude the organic firearms of the Indonesian military and police," Intelligence and Security Director of the Central Java Provincial Police Senior Commissioner Djati Wiyoto Abadi stated on Saturday.

    Abadi noted that the firearm owners are required to periodically extend the firearm ownership permits.

    "We have stepped up the surveillance of civilians holding firearms. All firearm owners have been registered," he remarked.

    The police had yet to find misuse by civilians holding firearms. The firearm owners have only been involved in administrative violation, he remarked.

    Abadi cautioned that if firearm owners failed to extend their ownership permits annually, they would be viewed as having committed a criminal offense.

    The Central Java Provincial Police have provided online firearm registration applications called "Senpi Online" for firearm owners to register their firearms and extend their firearm ownership permit, he revealed.

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