KontraS: Police Use of Intelligence Device Unnecessary in ITE Case



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) on Tuesday gave its view about police's use of Cellebrite technology - an Israeli digital intelligence company providing tools for digital data collection, analysis, and management - in the trial of an online slander case. 

    KontraS coordinator Rivanlee Anandar on April 6 said that police had no clear reason to justify the use of Cellebrite intelligence app in the electronic transactions and information (ITE Law) case with defendant Jumhur Hidayat 

    “What was its capacity? In this case, Jumhur was charged with the ITE Law. This case should have been handled differently compared to cases of terrorism,” said Rivanlee to Tempo today.

    He argues that if no limitations are implemented regarding the right to tap a person’s mobile device, it is feared that intelligence will lose its priority. The coordinator also believes that the use of this data collecting device in this case shows that police had acted erratically.

    “Because on one side, we are still threatened by terrorism that is related to early detection from intelligence,” he said. 

    The use of Cellebrite intelligence app by the National Police headquarters (Mabes Polri) was revealed during a follow-up trial in the hoax case with defendant Jumhur Hidayat at the South Jakarta District Court, Monday, April 5. 

    During the trial, state prosecutors presented Mabes Polri digital forensic expert, Asep Saputra, as a witness. Asep also revealed the steps of how the police managed to extract Jumhur's digital data. 

    “The digital data analysis is only related to Jumhur’s post related to the Job Creation Omnibus Law,” Asep Saputra said. 

    Asep asserted the police only extracted the defendant’s data pertaining to his post that mentioned the omnibus law. He assured that Jumhur’s tweet posted from the defendant’s mobile device was the basis of the criminal charges made against him. 

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