Survey: Health-related Tech Use Increases during Pandemic



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  • Illustration of an application on a smartphone (Pixabay)

    Illustration of an application on a smartphone (Pixabay)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Digital technology has been playing an increasing role in improving the health of Indonesians during the pandemic, a study by The Pulse of Asia said. The collaborative study between Prudential Corporation Asia and UK's financial services group The Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that 67 percent of respondents in Indonesia said health apps have been quite useful for obtaining health information.

    More than 68 percent of Indonesian respondents also said that they would use more personal digital health tech over the next three years.

    The study, involving 5,000 adults in 13 markets in Asia, was held between August and September 2020. It also revealed that only 29 percent of respondents from Indonesia said they are ready to face crises and challenges from medical situations; the lowest level of community preparedness among Asian nations. 

    On the other hand, results of the study revealed Indonesia's acceptance rate of personal digital health tech is higher than in other Asian countries. More than half (54.3 percent) of the respondents are open to using the technology, above the average in Asia, which is 43.9 percent.

    Social media is the most commonly used source of information in Indonesia. Indonesia's use of social media as a source of health information is the largest in Asia; on the same level as Thailand. According to APJII data released in November 2020, most Indonesians choose to access the internet via cellphones.

    The study revealed, that compared to other Asian countries, Indonesian respondents are more stressed by Covid-19, which is presumably due to the high rate of infections and deaths.

    Despite the high level of stress, Indonesians are more encouraged to live healthier lifestyles. Only 11 percent of Indonesia respondents—less than the Asian average (21.6 percent)—have not made any efforts to improve their health.

    Indonesians also have the highest spirit to live healthier—supported by great optimism, the biggest in Asia. Respondents believe health conditions will improve in 2021.

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