Eid Homecoming Ban; Police List People Allowed to Travel



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian National Police Traffic Corps will redirect all vehicles transporting people for Eid homecoming or mudik this year. The traffic police operation head Sr. Comr. Rudi Antariksawan said the policy is a follow-up to the government’s decision on the homecoming ban.

    The police have set 333 points to block the access of people leaving their areas during Eid al-Fitr holidays throughout Indonesia. “Vehicles passing the point will be checked and redirected back,” said Rudi on Monday, April 5.

    However, vehicles transporting logistics and people in an emergency will be allowed to continue their trip.

    “Those who are allowed to travel are people on duty or in an emergency and have an assignment letter. People willing to visit sick parents can present a letter from the village administration. So we will redirect all vehicles, except ones transporting goods,” said Rudi.

    The central government decided to bar the 2021 Eid homecoming from May 6 to 17. This ban on homecoming takes effect for all people, including state civil servants (ASN), Indonesian Military (TNI)-Indonesian Police personnel, and private employees.

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