Two Alleged Terrorists Attack Indonesian Police HQ



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Two people, suspectedly to be terrorists, reportedly attacked the Indonesian National Police (Polri) headquarters in Jakarta, Wednesday, March 31. Shootouts were heard at the police HQ complex in South Jakarta at around 16:35, this afternoon.

    Based on a video received by Tempo, there was a gunfight between an armed person - allegedly the terrorist - and the officers. Not long after, the alleged terrorist fell. The incident took place near the main building of the police HQ.

    The person wore a black dress and a blue veil. She was seen bringing a brown package and headed to a security post not far from the office of Police Chief Listyo Sigit. She pointed something to the officer at the post.

    Tempo obtained information from a parking officer near the location of the incident. According to the witness, there were two terrorist sucpects, a man and a woman, who attempted to barge in to the police HQ. "There were about seven gunshots," he said. 

    Two ambulance units and one car of the police bomb squad, or Gegana, were also entering the police HQ complex. Up to press time, the police have yet to provide an official statement regarding the alleged terrorist attack.

    Aditya Budiman | ANDITA RAHMA