Jakarta Logs 1,354 New Covid-19 Cases on March 27



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The newly confirmed Covid-19 cases in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta on Saturday, March 27, was 1,354 people.

    It totals the number of coronavirus infection to 378.222 from previously 376.868 cases.

    Based on Jakarta Administration website at corona.jakarta.go.id, the addition of 1,354 Covid-19 positive cases in the city was the result of PCR swab tests on the previous day, March 26, to 16,362 specimens.

    Of the number, 13,086 new people were tested to see new diagnose which resulted at 1,354 positives and 11,732 negatives.

    Meanwhile, the antigen test to 3,790 people saw 104 positives and 3,686 negatives.

    The new cases on Saturday affected the number or active cases currently in treatment or isolation, from previously 7,009 to 7,690 people.

    Meanwhile, 652 patients have recovered from the COVID-19, which was increase from 363,599 to 364,251 people or 96.3 percent from the total accumulation of the highest covid positive case of 378,222 people.

    From the total of 378,222 Covid-19 cases on Saturday, 6,281 have died, or an increase of 21 people from previously 6,260 people. The number was stay at 1.7 percent from the total accumulation of positive cases.

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