BWF Receives Death Threat Over All England Incident; Govt Speaks



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Youth and Sports Ministry Secretary, Gatot S. Dewa Broto, on Wednesday addressed an online threat that was aimed at the Badminton World Federation (BWF) management following the withdrawal of the Indonesian badminton team from the All England 2021.

    Gatot maintained that expressing disappointment is understandable but it is truly unacceptable once anger turns into death threats. He urged people to avert from overdoing their anger. 

    “Based on the content, the language used is surely not from a foreigner, but for whoever sent the message, we plead the netizens not to overdo your anger,” said Gatot to Tempo on Wednesday, March 23. 

    He defended that the letter of apology from BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen already sufficed, especially as the apology was directed to President Joko Widodo, Youth and Sports Minister, and the Foreign Affairs Minister. 

    “The letter was straight to the point, making an apology and promising that it will be a serious lesson,” said Gatot. 

    Moreover, Gatot said the issue has been put to rest, calling for the public to avert from creating a bigger fuss and possibly ruin the long-term interest Indonesia has together with the BWF in terms of badminton

    In regards to the death threat, BWF showed it through their Instagram account’s insta story. The Youth and Sports Ministry Secretary said that it would not be difficult for Indonesian authorities to track down the perpetrator. 

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