Rizieq Shihab Demands Offline Trial



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaRizieq Shihab, who is charged with violating health protocols in Petamburan, asked for the trial to be held online at the East Jakarta District Court. "[I request] to the panel of judges to hold the hearings offline. If it is held offline, we will follow it in an orderly manner," Rizieq said during a remote hearing for the defendant's objection on Tuesday, March 23.

    Rizieq Shihab said that he is most affected by what happens during the trial. Therefore he requested that the judges grant his request.

    The panel of judges, led by Suparman Nyompa, said that they would consider Rizieq's request. "Since the prosecutors asked for an online trial, the judges prepared for online trials," Suparman said. 

    Rizieq's lawyer responded by asking to put the trial in session/delayed until the judges decided to hold it offline.

    "The defendant is ready to read his objection if he is allowed to be present in court. Therefore we are requesting for the trial to be delayed until next week."

    The East Jakarta District Court has trials scheduled for three different cases, all with Rizieq Shihab as the defendant. The first is for the health protocol violation charges by attracting crowds in Petamburan, Jakarta Pusat; the second for a similar case but in a different location, which is Megamendung, Bogor; and the third for alleged violations of health protocols at Ummi Hospital, Bogor City.

    For the Petamburan case, the other defendants in addition to Rizieq Shihab are other members of the now disbanded FPI: Haris Ubaidillah, Ahmad Sobri Lubis, Ali Alwi Alatas, Idrus, and Maman Suryadi.

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