Kominfo Minister: Don't Publicize Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Communication and Information (Kominfo) Minister Johnny G. Plate asked people who have undergone Covid-19 vaccination not to post photos of their vaccination certificates on social media and share them or scan results to others, either in person or within their circles.

    “This is related to data privacy,” said Johnny to Antara. “Do not share pictures of vaccination certificates or vaccination tickets that contain QR codes.”

    People can view the vaccination schedule through the government’s PeduliLindungi app or website. Those who are scheduled to get the shots will receive an electronic ticket with a QR code and the time and place of the inoculation.

    Every person who has been injected will receive a certificate that will be given twice, after the first and second vaccinations. The certificate is in a physical form provided at the vaccination site.

    They will also receive the certificate in a digital format through the PeduliLindungi App or download the file via a link attached in a text message sent by 119.

    The proof of vaccination is internationally recognized. Other than personal data such as the full name, date of birth, and ID Number, the information contained in it includes the type of Covid-19 vaccine, the vaccine brand, the vaccination date, and the stamp of the health institution that provided the vaccine.

    “The information in the Covid-19 vaccination certificate and medical history is personal data. Do not publish it,” Johnny asserted. This warning also applies to other medical test results, such as antigen swab tests and medical records.