Indonesian Chicken Soto Listed Among World's Top Ranking Soup



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A bowl of warm soup can never go wrong, especially during colder days. CNN recently published a list of 20 best soups from around the globe. And Indonesia's popular comfort food Chicken Soto or Soto Ayam is among the entries.

    The rich composition of numerous herbs and spices, from fresh turmeric, star anise, cinnamon, lemongrass and lime leaves, creates a layered flavor and mouth-watering aroma.

    Delicious shreds of chicken, slices of boiled eggs, fried shallots and thinly sliced chili and scallions as toppings complete the dish that has satisfied the tastebuds of millions of Indonesians and the world over.

    Here is the complete list compiled by CNN.

    1. Banga - Nigeria
    2. Beef soup - Vietnamese
    3. Borscht - Ukraine
    4. Bouillabaisse - France
    5. Caldo verde - Portugal
    6. Chorba frik - Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia
    7. Chupe de camerones - Peru
    8. Gazpacho - Spain
    9. Peanut soup - West Africa
    10. Gumbo - United States
    11. Harira - Morocco
    12. Kharcho - Georgia
    13. Lanzhou beef soup - China
    14. Mohinga - Myanmar
    15. Menudo - Mexico
    16. Moqueca de camarao - Brazil
    17. Soto ayam - Indonesia
    18. Tom yum goong - Thailand
    19. Tonkotsu Ramen - Japan
    20. Yayla corbasi - Turkey

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