Brompton Bike Owners Called to File Tax Return



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe popularity of cycling in Indonesia gained traction after the government imposed the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) during the Covid-19 pandemic early in 2020, which comes as a popular alternative to keep in shape. 

    The most popular type of bicycle that are sought after by Indonesians are foldable bicycles. Among a plethora ofother foldable bicycle brands available in Indonesia, one of them is a known British brand ‘Brompton.’

    Despite it’s generally steep price, these Brompton bicycles remain popular as the transportation of choice among the middle-to-higher class of society. 

    According to a report from 2017 up to 2019, there were roughly 5,000 Brompton bicycles sold in Indonesia, which according to the company’s CEO Will Butler-Adams, most Indonesians obtained the bicycles from markets in Singapore and Thailand. He admittedd that he was surprised by the significant amount of interest from Indonesia. 

    Bicycle Taxes 

    Related to the latest bicycle tax, the Finance Ministry’s Directorate General of Taxation reminded through Instagram and Twitter that taxpayers must include bicycles as personal wealth in the annual tax returns (SPT) filed under the code 041 as a transportation tool. 

    According to the Directorate General’s spokesperson, Neilmaldri Noor, bicycles must be filed in the online SPT report that can be accessed at This means Brompton owners - a bicycle which is considered as a luxury item by Indonesia’s tax laws - must report their foldable bicycles in the annual tax return

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