2 Children Died After Drowning in West Jakarta Lake During Flood



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaTwo children died after drowning in a lake situated in the children-friendly integrated public space area, in West Jakarta's North Kembangan Sub-district, late on Saturday, during a flood.

    Kembangan Police Chief Commissioner Khori confirmed the incident and stated that the remains have been pulled out by local residents and the police force.

    "Based on the results of investigations against witnesses, there were no criminal element involved, and we have released a statement document so that the family would not proceed with prosecution," he told ANTARA on Sunday.

    More than two witnesses said that they saw the two children, 7-year-old ASP and 8-year-old CDAR, playing around the North Kembangan public space during the floods that hit a number of areas in the capital city.

    ASP's parent, Benny, said that his son left the house on Saturday (February 20) at around 11 am local time and was informed that the child was playing around the public space. After searching for him, only to find his bike, Benny suspected that ASP had slipped, fell and drowned in the lake. "He was only found at 11 pm," he said.

    It was previously reported that the floods, triggered by incessant heavy rain in Jakarta on Saturday, claimed five lives comprising one elderly man and four children, according to the capital city's disaster mitigation office (BPBD). Four children and one senior citizen died when Jakarta was hit by major flooding on early Saturday, Sabdo Kurnianto, Chief Executive of the Jakarta BPBD, said on Sunday.

    Based on data from the Jakarta BPBD, the flood waters began to recede in a number of areas but there were still 49 neighborhood associations (RT) affected by the flood, or 0.161 percent of the capital city's total 30,470 RTs.

    "A total of 1,722 members of 514 families, all of whom are from the East Jakarta area, have been displaced. They have been accommodated in 10 shelters in East Jakarta," he noted.

    The flood waters reached a height of up to one meter in East Jakarta. The evacuation process of flood victims was conducted with the support of police and military officers.

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