Floods Submerge 2 Power Stations; 666 Houses in East Jakarta Affected



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaFloods that hit Jakarta and its surrounding regions due to overflowing rivers and heavy rains submerged two electrical stations. As a result, 666 subscribers of state-owned electricity company PLN in East Jakarta experienced a blackout earlier this morning.

    "Two power stations affected by the floods are on Jalan Dermaga Baru, Klender, and Jalan Kalimalang," said PLN spokesperson Dita Artsana on Friday, February 19, 2021.

    Dita explained that the flood also disrupted two low-voltage networks (JTR) which resulted in blackouts. As of 9:00 AM Western Indonesia Time, PLN continues to cut the electricity supply to 666 customers' houses.

    Houses affected by the blackout were located on Jalan Dermaga Baru, Jalan Kalimalang, the IKIP Lecturer Residential Complex, and Jalan Bintara Jaya II, Bekasi City.

    Dita informed that the power outage was a procedure taken during flooding and when the electricity distribution substation was inundated. "The electricity supply will return to normal after the installation is confirmed dry," Dita said.

    The Jakarta floods occurred in several areas of the eastern city with varying heights from 40 centimeters to more than one meter and submerged people's homes.

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