Mount Gede Pangrango Visible from Jakarta; City Officials: Air Quality Improves



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria. TEMPO/Imam Hamdi

    Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria. TEMPO/Imam Hamdi

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria commented on the photo of Mount Gede Pangrango which was seen from Kemayoran. According to him, it was proven that the air quality in the capital city has improved in the last few days.

    "Please look at the data. [The sky] is blue in Jakarta because the air quality is getting better," said Riza at the Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) office on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

    Riza hoped that the city administration could maintain good air quality. This, he added, was attributable to the increase in green open space and the government’s measures to control public transportation emissions. "But once again, public participation is much more important. We have arranged vehicles and others."

    However, the Coalition for Clean Air assessed that the improved air quality was just temporary. The coalition's advocate Ayu Eza Tiara said on Thursday, January 18, 2021, via a short message that the city could get cleaner air due to the rainy season.

    Previously, the Instagram account of the Jakarta Environment Agency @dinaslhdki on Wednesday, February 17, uploaded a photo of Mount Gede Pangrango which was visible from Jl. Benjamin Sueb of Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. It wrote that the view indicated clean air in the city.

    However, the viral photo sparked controversy among social media users whether it was a real picture or an edited one.

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