Medical Equipment You Need to Conduct Self-isolation



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - It is a common story to hear relatives or friends undergoing self-isolation for showing no symptoms of Covid-19 or asymptomatic. Self-isolation can be done mostly at home, or if the space is insufficient, could be done in government facilities that are available during the pandemic.

    Internal medicine specialist Sayuri Suwandi urges asymptomatic patients to be under constant monitoring of doctors through their journey in isolation to anticipate conditions where patients start to physically deteriorate.

    “There were many situations where people who self-isolate, either they show symptoms or not, suddenly drop in health,” said Sayuri in the ‘Instagram live’ event aired by the ‘Kawal Covid-19’ account. However, the doctor also suggests people to equip themselves with the following medical kits or equipment throughout their ordeal.

    1. Thermometer 

    She suggests using this device to constantly monitor your body temperature up to three times a day and make notes of the dynamics of your temperature to keep track of it. This will help you determine whether you need further treatments from professionals or not. 

    1. Oximeter 

    An oximeter or a pulse oximeter is a painless and reliable way for clinicians to measure a person's blood oxygen levels. A pulse oximeter is a tiny device that usually slides over your fingertip or clips on your earlobe and uses infrared light refraction to measure how well oxygen is binding to your red blood cells and measure oxygen saturation as Covid-19 affects the lungs and how it performs. 

    “Beware if the oxygen saturation is below 95, there might be something wrong as it would normally be above that,” she said.

    1. Other alternative devices depending on the condition of the Covid-19 patient

    Those who undergo self-isolation who are comorbid must always equip themselves with proper medical kits depending on a patient’s condition such as a blood pressure monitor or glucometer for those who suffer from diabetes.

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