Nicholas Saputra Shares 5 Tips to Travel Safely during Pandemic



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaRenowned actor Nicholas Saputra shares vacation tips during the Covid-19 pandemic in an online press conference of Traveloka’s 2021 Travel Trends Prediction on Tuesday, January 26. 

    “At a time like this, having a refreshing vacation is desirable,” said Nicholas, asserting that however, people are obliged to comply with the health protocols.

    The following is his five tips on how to stay safe while traveling in times of a pandemic:

    1. Go for a quiet tourist destination

    The star who is also an environmental activist advises people to be more selective in choosing a destination. “Opt for a quieter spot and determine your tourism style,” he said.

    1. Choose a tourist site near home

    According to him, traveling to a destination located near home can keep oneself from exhaustion due to a long trip.

    1. Take staycation

    Staycation can be an interesting idea to refresh the body and mind during a pandemic. People can easily book a hotel room or create a vacation atmosphere at home.

    Those with children are advised to reserve a place with kid's play areas. It is also better if the site has sports facilities, he added.

    1. Take a road trip

    Taking a road trip using a private vehicle or renting a villa, Nicholas opined, will protect the family's privacy.

    1. Limit interactions

    It is advisable to limit interactions with people other than close family during a trip as much as possible.

    Nicholas Saputra went on to say that the other critical issue is to make sure you are in good health before going for a holiday.

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