Govt' Extends Covid-19 Health Protocol Requirements on Airplanes



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe ever-growing cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia have forced the Transportation Minister to extend the health protocols implementation in air public transports. The ministry has also issued a new circular letter overseeing the rules that the public needs to follow as they use air transportation during the pandemic.

    The Circular No.10/2021 will be made effective from January 26 up to February 8, 2021, and requires domestic airline passengers to strictly implement the 3M health protocol, which consists of the use of face masks, maintaining distances, and washing hands with soap or hand sanitizers.

    Other health precautions and restrictions applied during a trip aboard a commercial aircraft include restrictions on conducting conversations with other passengers or talking through a mobile phone. Eating or drinking will be prohibited for trips that last under two hours, with an exemption for passengers that need to consume medications. 

    Passengers must also bring with them a negative RT-PCR swab test result or Covid-19 antigen rapid tests. However, this is not a requirement for children under 12 years old and flights operating in outer regions. Airplane passengers will also have to fill the E-HAC form that must be presented to airport security members.