Tokopedia: Hobbies Goods' Sales Increase during Pandemic



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaCovid-19 has forced Indonesians to spend most of their time at home. The social restrictions and stay-at-home orders have pushed people into finding ways to entertain themselves or stay productive at home, including starting a new hobby.  

    Ekhel Chandra Wijaya, senior lead of external communications at Tokopedia, said that the sales transactions of several goods categories related to hobbies increased significantly in 2020. 

    The first is sports. Tokopedia noted that in 2020 goods in the sports and hobbies category sold twice as much compared to 2019.

    Books. Reading also gained popularity last year, with book sales volume almost doubling from the previous year.  

    Gardening. Many turned to planting and home-gardening to distress during the pandemic. Tokopedia recorded more than 400 percent annual increase in the Gardens sub-category in 2020.

    Arts. Painting became a trend amidst the pandemic, as since in almost 200-percent sales increase in the Office & Stationery category. Paint-by-numbers books gain more fans as it helps even the most novice of artists to produce beautiful pictures.   

    Cooking. Tokopedia's Home & Living goods increased by more than two-fold last year, as people tend to eat home-cooked meals more at home than eating out due to the mobility restrictions.

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