Diponegoro University Responds to Student Data Breach Allegation



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang on Tuesday revealed that there had been hacking attempts to breach its servers which keeps thousands of its students’ data. They claim that the cyber attacks can be traced back to the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, and Mexico.

    They implied that the students' data is believed to be leaked from pak.undip.ac.id which is used by the university to score students’ academic performances. 

    The alleged server breach was first brought to light following 125,000 leaked students' personal data that are prone to be illegally traded online was first revealed by Twitter user @fannyhasbi in a tweet on Tuesday, January 5. 

    “Breached! More than 125,000 students’ data from Diponegoro University has leaked,” the social media user claimed. 

    Undip acting-deputy rector 3 Dwi Cahyo Utomo in the virtual press conference said that 73,000 of the leaked 125,000 students’ data are believed to come from its university but said further analysis confirmed that they are not data from Undip students.

    “We compared it based on basic identity information such as names, student code, address, phone numbers, and found 5,000 of them need to be looked into,” said Utomo. 

    Utomo questioned the legitimacy of the number of data breached which is claimed to come from the university’s students from 2010-2017. He maintains that there would only be a maximum of 70,000 students within that time period and is far from what the Twitter user claims. 

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