"Quarantine Tales" to Showcase 5 Stories from 5 Indonesian Directors



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A movie called "Quarantine Tales" is an anthology of five short films from five Indonesian directors ready to hit the online cinema platform Bioskop Online on Friday, December 18. It is inspired by actual quarantine stories. 

    “We hope viewers will accept our work, but we also hope that this can serve as a message that we can still create and collaborate amidst the restrictions,” said Ajeng Parameswari, Digital Business Visinema Group president in today’s virtual press conference.

    "Quarantine Tales" is directed by notable names in the industry such as Dian Sastrowardoyo for Nougat, Aco Tenri for Happy Girls Don’t Cry, Jason Iskandar for Prankster, Sidharta Tata for The Protocol, and Ifa Isfansyah for CookBook.

    The film tells stories about characters feeling the hardships of separation from family members, their past, their relationship with great friends, and even feeling distant from their own identities. 

    "Quarantine Tales" is starred by familiar names such as Marissa Anita, Adinia Wirasti, Brigitta Chyntia, Roy Sungkono, Abdurrahman Arif, and Verdi Solaiman, which all have dominant emotions often seen under the confines of the pandemic; anger, worries, confusion, fear, and even opportunistic nature. 

    Presale tickets are available at Bioskop Online.