Pertamina Confirms Fuel and LPG Availability During Election Holiday



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - To face the upcoming regional election holiday, PT Pertamina Sulawesi Region prepared all of its distribution agencies to ensure a safe supply of fuel and increase the supply of LPG, and put their Pertamina Delivery Service on standby. Pertamina had also establish a Task Force to ensure the security of fuel and LPG starting on December 7, 2020, all the way through Christmas and New Year holiday.

    "Pertamina added LPG supply as many as 541,992 canisters for December 9, 2020, spread in 6 provinces in Sulawesi," said Unit Manager of Communication, Rel, and CSR MOR VII Sulawesi Laode Syarifuddin Mursali in a written statement on Saturday, December 5, 2020.

    "To anticipate regional election holiday, Pertamina has added supply of LPG in whole Sulawesi as many as 4 percent from the planned distribution on that day, Laode said.

    Pertamina also supervise all fuel and LPG distribution agency to continue to exercise the health protocol for Covid-19 and to distribute the poducts in accordance with the market target. Laode also urged the public to use fuel and LPG in accordance with their use.