Retno Marsudi on Palm Oil Discrimination: 'Treat Us Fairly'



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi on Thursday’s virtual seminar asserted that Indonesia will continue to fight the palm oil discrimination which she suggests is happening in a number of regions, such as the European market.

    “Indonesia will always prioritize partnerships and collaboration with our partners, but in terms of our national interest, we must also be assertive, especially if it involves our principle,” said Retno on November 19.

    According to the minister, palm oil remains to be one of Indonesia’s top commodities. It becomes the country’s economic backbone as its export in 2019 managed to generate US$23 billion. She also believes palm oil helps local farmers’ income. 

    The Indonesian government intends to preserve the “strong relations” with the European Union. They, said Retno Marsudi, are Indonesia’s natural partner as both the EU and Indonesia share the same views on a number of issues. 

    “Indonesia will always communicate openly, what we request is to treat us fairly,” the foreign affairs minister remarked. 

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