Erick Thohir Wants Indonesian Airports to Adopt Japan's Covid Test



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia, through the State-owned Enterprises Ministry led by Minister Erick Thohir, is exploring cooperations with Japanese government and its health industry. The focuses of the cooperation are in new technology, the increase in medical workers capacity, and Japan's participation in Special Economic Zone for health industry.

    The other sectors include the opportunities to cooperate in millennial housing development, EV battery industry, and funding for national infrastructure projects.

    Erick said that Japan is known for its advance in health industry. He was impressed by the Covid-19 test done by Japan in the airport. The minister explained that only saliva that is needed for the test; without going through the nasal test. The result will come out less than an hour with a high accuracy.

    "I want this technology to be used in AP1 and AP2 (Angkasa Pura) airports. Imagine the impacts in the acceleration of our economic recovery," he said in a written statement on Saturday, Nov. 7.

    The SOE Minister also observed the technology of the PCR test made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries for rapid testing and Covid-19 tracing by using robotic technology.

    Erick Thohir, accompanied by his deputy, also met with Mitsui Healthcare, the famous Japanese health company that has invested in hospitals in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

    According to the Minister, the potential of health tourism is big, and Bali, especially in region like Sanur, has become the destination of choice for elderly tourists.

    He sees the potential of Bali, as special economic zone for health industry, will open the opportunity for investment in health industry, especially for international healthcare facility in the island.