Walhi Wants Govt to Stop 'Jurassic Park' Project in Komodo Island



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The East Nusa Tenggara branch of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) urged the government to stop the development project for the Komodo National Park (TNK) tourism area in Labuan Bajo. Walhi is worried that the project, with a 'Jurassic Park' concept, will threaten the integrity of the endemic animal ecosystem on Flores Island.

    "Walhi condemns all forms of development that eliminate the authenticity of the Komodo dragons' habitat," Walhi East Nusa Tenggara director Umbu Wulang Tanaamahu Paranggi told Tempo on Tuesday, October 27.

    Wulang asked the government to keep the National Komodo Park as a conservation area. The current development, he said, is too massive and against the spirit of conservation of dragons as ancient animals.

    Wulang is worried that infrastructure work in the area will have a bad impact on the survival of the animals, as the area is slowly being turned into a locust of premium tourism development.

    Instead of pursuing the construction projects at the Komodo dragon's habitat, Walhi urged the government to focus on matters related to science and conservation of the Komodo ecosystem. "Large-scale infrastructure development is destroying the Komodo dragon ecosystem," said Umbu.

    Contacted separately, BOP Labuan Bajo president director Shana Fatina said the government prioritizes the sustainability and balance of the ecosystem in implementing development. "And all of them have gone through [proper] procedures and in-depth studies," he said.

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