DPR Legislator Comments on the Komodo Park Megaproject



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - House of Representatives (DPR) Commission IV legislator Yohanis Fransiskus Lema commented on the viral photo of a komodo dragon walking into the path of a construction truck which was taken at the Loh Buaya construction site in Rinca Island, which is inside the Komodo National Park. 

    The legislator on October 26, said to Antaranews that the image is a strong symbol against the construction at the wildlife’s natural habitat. 

    “The photo seems to show the Komodo not welcoming the ‘Jurassic Park-esque’ construction at the Komodo National Park, mainly because construction there involves trucks and heavy machinery used within the compounds of the conservation,” said Yohanis. 

    He also implied that the Komodo might be showing signs that it is bothered by the massive technology-based construction that could possibly harm the national park’s ecosystem. 

    The DPR legislator and former reporter for state-run media TVRI also asserts that the Environment and Forestry Ministry (KLHK) must keep the Komodo National Park as a conservation area and the natural habitat for the endemic wildlife. 

    He strongly called for the KLHK to understand its own role as the licensor for the construction and make sure that construction of the future modern tourist park does not threaten the livelihood of the komodo dragons.

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