PMI Solo in Need of Convalescent Plasma Donors



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) branch office in Solo City is encouraging COVID-19 survivors to donate their convalescent plasma that comes in useful for the treatments for current patients. 

    “The convalescent plasma therapy has saved numerous COVID-19 patients,” said PMI Solo chairperson, Kunti Dewi Saraswati, Tuesday, October 20. 

    Unfortunately, up until this moment, not many coronavirus survivors who have donated their blood. It crucially contains the antibody that can help inpatients fight the virus. 

    Kunti explained that this type of therapy is practiced in a number of hospitals in Solo’s vicinity which partner with PMI. She said that it acts as additional treatments to the main hospital treatments in helping moderate to severe COVID-19 patients recover. 

    “We will only take their plasma and can be donated once every two weeks,” said the PMI Solo chairperson. “There is even one survivor who had donated their blood three times.”

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