Govt Announces Pesantren in West, Central Java Exposed to COVID-19



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Religious Affairs Minister Fachrul Razi said there are currently 861 santri (Islamic boarding school students) that contracted the COVID-19 across eight Islamic boarding schools (Pesantren) in West Java and Central Java.

    “A total of 861 santri are confirmed to be positive [for Covid-19] from these eight pesantren,” Fachrul wrote in a written statement on Friday, October 16.

    The ministry has distributed assistance by sending in the task force team and provided 38,000 medical-grade face masks, over 35,000 non-medical cloth masks, 1,825 hand sanitizers, 2,460 supplements, and 2,150 handwashing soaps. 

    The aforementioned are those distributed in the first phase with more to come to battle COVID-19 spread. 

    “This is just the first phase. The team will continue to move and provide assistance to many more pesantren, especially those with confirmed cases,” said the Religious Affairs Minister. 

    So far, Indonesia has recorded 1,510 people within pesantren communities who are confirmed to be positive for the coronavirus disease, 976 of them have recovered, and the rests are undergoing treatment and self-isolation.