Labor Union Prepares to File Judicial Review Against Job Creation Law



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Workers Union Confederation (KSPI) chairperson Said Iqbal on Tuesday announced that labor unions are preparing to take on the option to file for judicial review against the omnibus job creation law to the Constitutional Court (MK). 

    “We are reading the situation. It is necessary for us to announce that the option to file for judicial review is very much likely to be done,” said Iqbal on Monday, October 12. 

    The first aspect in the passing of the law they plan to file for an MK review is the process of which the law was designed, how it was deliberated, and how it was finally ratified by the House of Representatives (DPR). 

    “We will see that the process was dangerous,” said the KSPI chairperson. “Picture this, the House plenary had empty papers. Then what was in possession of the House at the time?”

    The other crucial aspect he said will be taken to the Constitutional Court is the deliberation and the handing over of the drafts that did not involve public participation or public hearing. The next aspect they want to have scrutinized is the string of controversial Articles across the law’s cluster on employment, environment, and farmers. 

    Said Iqbal believes that if the court grants their lawsuit, the entire content of the Job Creation Law will be able to be annulled and will not only be limited to the law’s cluster on employment. He noted that they will also consider the executive review option.

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