Job Creation Law; BKPM Wants Top Investors to Partner with MSMEs



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Investment Coordinating Board or BKPM will encourage large-scale investors to cooperate with MSMEs as a follow up to the ratification of the Job Creation Law. BKPM's deputy for investment control, Imam Soejoedi, said that this program is currently in the identification stage.

    "We plan to involve all entrepreneurs in various provinces in Indonesia, who are of course registered in the OSS (online single submission)," said Imam in a statement, Monday, October 12.

    The BKPM will select MSMEs with ample capacity and capability to collaborate with foreign, domestic, and state-owned investors. In its implementation, large companies as well as MSME players will be partnered according to their business fields.

    Imam admits that the government needs time to finalize the concept before the program is implemented, as it is not easy to ask large entrepreneurs to cooperate with MSMEs.

    Imam also guaranteed that in implementing the program the government would show partiality and provide protection to MSMEs as mandated by the Job Creation Law. Some of the conveniences for MSMEs include simplified licensing, quality improvements, and reinforcements for the informal as well as formal sector.

    With this law, Imam said, MSMEs as a provider of jobs can gain access to capital from banks, allowing them to play a bigger role in restoring the national economy.

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