5 Signs to Consider to Visit Marriage Counselor



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaConflicts and disagreements in relationships are normal. Some people even believe that having arguments may closer bond with your significant other. 

    However, although it is normal to debate over something, you need to identify whether it secretly ruins your relationship or not, especially when it often happens. Here are five signs indicating you need to call in the pros alias marriage counselor as compiled from Times of India.

    1. Having bad communication

    Good communication is key and also a challenge in a love relation. When your communication is full of friction or when many things are left unsaid and you are often lost in ‘awkward’ silence, it is the time to get some counseling.

    1. Talking ends up in a fight

    When you are trying to talk about simple things and end up quarreling, perhaps there lies great or core issues you both withhold. In this case, a professional mediator can assist you to communicate more effectively with your loved one.

    1. Having nothing in common

    The opposites in you and your partner may be what made you two together. Yet, if you and your spouse do not have anything in common even after so many years, marriage therapists will be helpful so that you can keep the spark alive.

    1. Dealing with financial issues

    Having an affair can ruin a marriage, and so does money issues. The problems can take many forms. Marriage counselors can help you get better marital finances and relationships.

    1. Keeping secret from each other

    Marriage is built on trust, and that bonds a relationship. It is normal to have privacy but when you keep hiding things from your partner, something is not right and you need a couple's therapy. 

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