Happiness Is Key to Boost Immunity Against COVID-19, Doctor Says



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPatients who have positive and happy thoughts will have a strong immunity to recover from COVID-19, said Doctor Debryna from Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

    Thus, Debryna appealed to families, relatives, and friends whose loved ones were being treated for the coronavirus disease to cheer them up during the treatment or quarantine. 

    She recalled her experiences during her voluntary work at Wisma Atlet Hospital that many patients who were more cheerful recovered quicker than the pessimistic ones.

    “When I studied medicine, I learned that we need to be happy. A happy mind brings good immunity. But this is the first time I have witnessed it in real life that patients with positive thoughts and enjoy the treatment get recovered really fast,” said Debryna during a discussion broadcasted via the Presidential Secretariat’s Youtube channel on Friday, October 2, 2020.

    She volunteered as a doctor team member since the Wisma Atlet was turned into an emergency hospital and isolation center for COVID-19 carriers.

    Debryna further advised the public to abide by the health protocol against the virus, namely wearing face masks, washing hands regularly, and maintaining the physical distance.

    “We see there are two groups of people: those who believe in the existence of COVID-19 and those who don’t. Our message for the two groups is the same. Wear face masks and keep a distance from each other. Whether you believe it or not, just do this, wear masks and keep distance,” she underlined.