Gojek Ranked No. 1 Globally on GoFood's User Experience



Laila Afifa

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  • GoFood feature on GoJek app. Doc.: GoJek

    GoFood feature on GoJek app. Doc.: GoJek

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaAmong the other 46 global apps, Gojek ranked number one in terms of user-friendliness and valuable innovations during the COVID-19 period through its GoFood service.

    Indonesian super app Gojek through its GoFood service was ranked number one in the world as the most user-friendly application (User Experience / UX) and second-best in customer experience (Customer Experience / CX).

    Global research by the global research institute UXalliance, Usaria and Somia CX entitled “Delivery Apps in Time of COVID-19: Global Benchmark” was conducted in April and May this year to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the user experience of apps and services, and identify the keys to the success of various applications in the world adapting during the pandemic.

    The independent study was carried out on 47 applications for daily shopping delivery services across 17 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia; including big names such as UberEats, Walmart, Swiggy and Zomato.

    Of all the apps rated, GoFood received a score of 97% in the user-friendliness (UX) category, a score of 84% in customer experience (CX), as well as a perfect score of 100% in the usefulness rank. Research emphasizes that GoFood is considered very useful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Chief Food Officer Gojek Group  Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo said, “Especially in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly looking for ways so that our services can support users to adapt while being able to create more benefits for partners in our ecosystem. One of our main efforts is to develop technological innovation and make it a solution for today's society's priorities, namely in terms of health, safety and hygiene. The important thing that we also realize is that our success will not happen without driver partners and business partners as a vital part of the GoFood ecosystem.” 

    The factors behind GoFood's title as the best application in the world explained by UXalliance, Usaria and Somia CX  include:

    • Clear communication and health protocols for driver-partners and GoFood business partners
      • Driver-partners: vehicle disinfection, distribution of sanitary and disinfection products, temperature checkpoints in different areas, and contactless delivery protocols.
      • Business partners: Protocol for cleaning kitchens and operational areas, protective equipment for chefs and kitchen staff, the protocol for hand washing and body temperature measurement.
    • Care for their stakeholders, especially driver-partners by providing protective equipment (masks) and disinfection products, and implementing free temperature checks at various posts. This protocol is also visible in applications such as the home screen or in the "help" and "articles." Furthermore, Gojek management and employees also donated their salaries to help partners.
    • GoFood provides health information and recommendations for customers, namely by providing a special section for articles related to COVID-19; regularly updating safety protocols, health information, tips on earning at home; as well as an invitation to customers to donate to driver-partners. Gojek's integration with Halodoc also makes it easier for users to quickly access the COVID-19 test.
    • Adhering to government regulations through the Gojek #DiRumahAja (stay at home) campaign, which urges people to keep their distance and prioritize common health.
    • Effective communication channels with the existence of an "essential services" section in the application display, as well as a direct chat feature between customers and driver-partners with automatic text messages that make it easy to send without direct physical contact (contactless delivery).

    Ketut Sulistyawati, PhD, Director of Somia Customer Experience, which is part of UXalliance in Indonesia, further stated, "We are very pleased and proud that in this benchmark study, Gojek, as an Indonesian company, has the best performance compared to other applications in the world. It is fitting that the Gojek team feel very proud of the results of their hard work and we hope that Gojek will continue to be able to create better experiences and more meaningful solutions for its users. "

    This achievement further underlines GoFood's leadership as a food delivery service with world-class technological innovation that delivers the best culinary experience as well as delightfulness to its users.

    “As the leader in food delivery services in Southeast Asia, this recognition marks our new milestone and encourages us to continue to innovate with technology that continues to focus on the experience of customers, business partners, and driver-partners. During COVID-19, our technological innovations, such as contactless delivery and Ready-to-Cook service categories, as well as procedures such as protocols and health, hygiene and security efforts for the ecosystem consistently made GoFood a service that customers could always rely on," said Catherine.