Investigation Intensifies on Cai Changpan's Tangerang Prison Escape



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaMetro Jaya Police spokesperson grand commissioner Yusri Yunus on Wednesday said police investigators continue to look deeper into the facts on how drug inmate Cai Changpan was able to escape from the Tangerang class I A penitentiary by digging a tunnel. 

    He asserts police are trying to find out how the Singaporean citizen was able to get his hands on tools that enabled him to dig a 30-meter tunnel that ended up in a gutter just outside of the prison facility. The cellmate also claims Cai Changpan was in possession of a cell phone as he escaped. 

    “According to his cellmate’s testimony [Cai Changpan] utilized tools such as small shovels from one of the prison’s kitchen construction nearby,” said the Metro Jaya Police spokesperson. 

    The inmate escaped from the Tangerang penitentiary on Monday, September 14, and is still being hunted down by police. Tempo’s source from the police institution revealed that the inmate had previously also escaped from the East Jakarta’s drug offenders jail in January of 2017 using a similar method but was able to be apprehended 3 days after.

    Numerous tools were found to be used by Cai Changpan at the location of the tunnel the fugitive dug his way out from shovels, screwdrivers, chisels, and also a water pump. The investigation believes the prison break acted out by Cai Changpan took 8 months to complete without attracting attention from prison officials and other inmates.