Erick Thohir Reveals Strain and Hassles of Being a State Minister



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister, Erick Thohir, during an interview in a national television program signalled that he had felt “unhappy” by the immense pressure over the shoulders set on him and most of of state-ministers, especially amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic.

    “If I may say [I’m not happy] because of the pressures from here and there. I’m just being brutally honest,” said Erick Thohir light-heartedly in the Kick Andy talk show on Sunday, September 27. 

    In answering questions with seasoned journalist Andy F Noya about the minister’s personal life as he decided to enter the government, the former businessman also revealed that the policies he had helped introduce caused relationships with friends - from fellow business backgrounds - to tumble.

    During the interview, Erick Thohir revealed that his income as a state-minister had considerably dropped compared to his income as an entrepreneur.

    Alhamdulillah, my monthly salary is Rp19 million and with no allowances. And not just myself, but also the majority of other state ministers,” said Thohir.

    However, he asserts that he will complete the task he had been given the best he could as he deems his position as something that he was entrusted upon and made sure that transforming SOEs is his undisputed task to fulfill. 

    “Being happy or not, we must compensate with results. If the results are great, Insyallah (God permits) happiness will come. But if you already suffer and come with no results, it will be a waste of time,” said Erick Thohir.

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