109 Patients Discharged from Wisma Atlet Self-isolation Facilities



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The number of COVID-19 patients conducting self isolation at Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital in Central Jakarta declined 109 to 2,250 on Sunday from 2,359 the day before.

    The 2,250 COVID-19 patients are conducting self-isolation at Towers 4 and 5 which have a capacity of 3,116 beds, .the hospital's spokesperson, Colonel Aris Mudian, said in a press statement released on Sunday.

    The 2,250 COVID-19 patients comprised 1,288 men and 962 women.

    The Towers 4 and 5 specially treat asymptomatic COVID-19 patients who have no place to self isolate after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

    Tower 5 has been used for self-isolation since Sept 15, 2020 and Tower 4 since Sept 21, 2020.

    Based on Decision of the Health Minister dated July 13, 2020, asymptomatic COVID-19 patients must conduct self isolation for 10 days to curtail transmission risks.

    According to the ministry's procedure for handling COVID-19 patients, asymptomatic COVID-19 patients may be discharged without having their swab specimen examined after conducting self isolation for 10 days.

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