Resident Doctors Experience Depression and Burnout, IDI Says



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaDeputy Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) Adib Khumaidi said many resident doctors experience depression and burnout while working during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Based on a survey done to 7,280 resident doctors, or 54.54 percent of 13,355 resident doctors from 35 specialist studies, on September 5-6, fifteen percent of them admitted that they were depressed and 25 percent experienced burnout.

    “We’ve done an examination, there has been no psychological assistance for them. Most of them said so. About 90 percent,” Adib told Tempo, Saturday, September 26.

    The survey shows the residents that felt the highest level of depression and burnout are from the internal, pulmonology, and pediatrics specialists. In addition, their working hours have been drastically increased during the pandemic, and that they are one of the first ones who receive Covid-19 patients.

    “Resident doctors are the ones who first receive the patients. The potential of contracting [the Covid-19] is high,” Adib added.

    The survey results have been delivered to the government through the Covid-19 task force chief, Doni Monardo, and Director-General of High Education at the Education and Culture Ministry, Nizam.

    The explanation of the survey results is important to understand the psychological condition of doctors and that it is necessary for them to get psychological assistance. Both Doni and Nizam, according to Adib, received the inputs and advice well and they promised to improve and further support the resident doctors.

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