'Pancaroba' Seasonal Transition Period and Increased Risk of Viral Infections



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Pondok Indah Hospital general practitioner dr. I Made Saputra said Friday that the risk of contracting viruses is much higher during the seasonal transition period, or locally known as pancaroba, as Indonesia shifts from dry to rainy season

    “The human body’s immune system is weaker under colder temperatures, which will cause our body to be easily infected by viruses,” said the doctor. 

    To prevent such disastrous scenarios, Dr. Saputra suggests consuming foods such as fruits and vegetables, fulfill your daily liquid intake, and implement a clean and healthy lifestyle. 

    Asked separately, Dr. Mesty Ariotedjo Juanda echoed Dr. Saputra’s suggestion and called on people to focus on improving their immune system by consuming nutritious diets that can meet the body’s needs for vitamin C, zinc, and iron. 

    Dr. Saputra reminded us that routine physical exercises were as crucial as getting enough sleep. He also reminded people to be able to manage stress.

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