Hadirr Launches Contact Tracing Feature to Minimize COVID-19 Cases in Offices



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  • Hadirr Launches Contact Tracing Feature to Minimize COVID-19 Cases in Offices.

    Hadirr Launches Contact Tracing Feature to Minimize COVID-19 Cases in Offices.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Hadirr, the leading application for remote working management in Indonesia, has launched a Contact Tracing feature that provides enterprises with a solution to implement a risk mitigation strategy plan for COVID-19 and other viruses. The feature enables companies to manage employee proximity, detect interaction and exposure trends, and send important notifications to staff members regarding potential exposure to COVID-19.

    By the end of August 2020, around 150 office clusters have been reported in Jakarta as economic activity in Indonesia’s capital city gradually resumed. The outbreak of COVID-19 in office areas was one of the key reasons that made the Jakarta Governor reinstate a lockdown policy (PSBB) this September. The outbreak of COVID-19 at the workplace is not only happening in Jakarta. Recently, a number of government offices in Aceh, Riau, and North Sumatera provinces were forced to close due to positive cases of COVID-19. Office clusters have even been reported in secondary cities and remote areas across Southeast Indonesia’s most populous nation.

    The Contact Tracing feature in Hadirr relies on bluetooth signals emitted from mobile phones to locate other coworkers nearby. It allows employers to identify who from a workplace might have come into contact with someone infected with COVID-19. When an employee self-reports having COVID-19 to the human resources department, the system provides a list of other employees who potentially came into proximity with the infected person within 14 days and enables the HR team to immediately send an exposure alert to the potentially infected individuals. As such, this system can help a company to prevent closing down an entire office,  break the chain of COVID-19 transmission and minimize related business risks.

    “This pandemic is increasingly destroying Indonesia’s economy, and we believe that the best way to recover the economy is to make sure that businesses are able to stay operational while ensuring their employees to work in a safe and manageable way,” said AfiaFitriati, co-founder and CEO of Hadirr and cloud-based HR software Gadjian

    She added, “With Hadirr, both employers and employees can feel confident that they have the right tools during this pandemic to keep everyone healthy and safe while ensuring businesses stay open. In addition to features such as attendance tracking and timesheet to manage work from home productivity, we hope that this new Contact Tracing feature can assist companies as well as the government in the implementation of 3T (test, tracing, treatment), which is essential to reduce the alarming spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia, especially in office areas.”

    The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is reaching a new high this September as coronavirus has spread to all of the 34 provinces across Indonesia. Death toll due to the pandemic has exceeded 9,000, according to data from Indonesia’s COVID-19 Task Force. Experts have criticized Indonesia’s handling of COVID-19 and warned that Indonesia may reach half a million cases by end of year if testing and contact tracing capabilities are not improved.

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in Indonesia, Hadirr has been increasingly adopted by companies and government agencies across the nation to manage remote work and work from home (WFH) policies. It allows employees to record their work attendance hours via cell phoneand facilitate companies to monitor work productivity, thanks to its geotagging and face detection capabilities as well as its extensive reporting dashboard.

    The newly launched Contact Tracing feature can be used at no additional cost for Hadirr customers. Free trial of the application can be requested at  http://bit.ly/IndonesiaContactTracing

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