KCI Calls on Commuters Not to Wear 'Scuba' Mask, Neck Gaiters



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaState-owned train operator PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) called on all commuters not to wear 'scuba' masks and neck gaiters, or also known as buff, as both are considered ineffective in warding off the dust, bacteria, and viruses.

    At Manggarai Station today, some people were seen wearing single-layer masks or buff, yet most of them agreed with the appeal.

    A commuter Didik said he supported the order, claiming he was used to donning multiple-layer face masks or medical masks as he felt safer doing so.

    “I just agree with it. I am used to wearing this mask, it is safer,” said Didik to Tempo at Manggarai Station, South Jakarta, Wednesday, September 16.

    Hendi seconded the statement. As a passenger, he argued he could feel safer should other commuters wear effective masks rather than buffs or ‘scuba’ masks, which tend to be thinner.

    “That is better. I bring many masks, including the N95. I also wear a scuba mask, but I double it with another mask,” he said.

    Earlier, PT KCI reached out to commuters and advised them against wearing ‘scuba’ masks or buffs on board and better switch it to effective face coverings, such as medical masks or three-layer cloth masks.

    Through its Instagram account @commuterline on Saturday, September 12, PT KCI explained that ‘scuba’ masks and neck gaiters only 0 to 5 percent effective in protecting the wearers from viruses, bacteria, and dust.

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