BPS: 84% Micro Businesses Suffer Revenue Decline due to Covid-19



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian central bureau of statistics, the BPS, said that Covid-19 affected the income of micro, small, and large businesses (UMK) as well as medium and large enterprises (UMB). The conclusion came after a survey held from July 10 to July 26.

    "Eighty-four percent of small micro-businesses experienced declining revenues since the pandemic," BPS chief Suhariyanto said in a live broadcast on Tuesday, September 15.

    Meanwhile, 13 percent of micro-businesses said they saw no changes in income, while 2 percent of recorded income increased.

    As for medium-scale businesses, 82 percent said their income declined since the pandemic began. Fourteen percent said their income was unchanged while 2 percent said their revenues increased.

    The total number of respondents to the survey was 34,559 business actors, consisting of 6,821 medium businesses, 25,256 micro-businesses, and 2,482 agriculture enterprises.

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