Erick Thohir Compares Indonesia's COVID-19 Cases to Other Countries



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In a webinar held by the Transportation Ministry, head of the COVID-19 handling committee Erick Thohir compared the COVID-19 cases in Indonesia with other countries. He claims that several indicators suggest Indonesia has continued to improve. 

    “If we make a comparison, we are in a better position,” said Erick Thohir in the webinar on Tuesday, September 15. 

    Based on the data he compiled and presented in the talk show, Erick first compared Indonesia’s 71.24 percent recovery rate and compared it to the global average of 72.04 percent, which is better than the United States and France with 59.25 percent and 23.37 percent. 

    He also mentioned Indonesia’s mortality rate of 3.99 percent just below Japan (1.91 percent) and the United States with 2.96 percent. The world average mortality rate according to Erick’s data is 3.18 percent. 

    Meanwhile, active COVID-19 cases in Indonesia equates to 24.5 percent while France scored 68.52 percent and the United States with 37.79 percent and a global average of 24.78 percent. 

    Out of the three components Erick Thohir mentioned above, he noted the mortality rate that dropped from 8 percent during the early days of the pandemic to 3.99 percent as it currently is. He also called for the mortality rate to be the country’s main focus to overcome.

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