Anies Baswedan Compares Health Protocol Compliance Between Offices and Markets



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan announced on Sunday that one of the city administration’s main focuses in reimposing the PSBB social restriction is to suppress the number of COVID-19 cases that come from office clusters - which became rampant after the restrictions were slackened. 

    “What we now witness is that many cases come from offices, which is why the PSBB is reintroduced starting on September 14. Our main focus is restrictions in office areas,” said Anies Baswedan in a press conference in CIty Hall on Sunday.

    Anies argues that the rampant COVID-19 infections from offices is due to the lack of discipline in imposing strict health protocols, especially in private firms. He went as far to compare the conformity of offices to traditional market traders - which he said is a stark contrast as the number of infections in markets were able to be suppressed. 

    Under the full scale PSBB social restriction, firms not included in the 11 “essential sectors” must impose remote working rules, popularly known as ‘work from home.’ Not only that, the total capacity of workers in offices must not exceed 25 percent of its total capacity. 

    Anies Baswedan also explains that offices must comply by closing operations for at least three days if COVID-19 cases are found.

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