Anies Baswedan Announces Two-week PSBB Starting September 14



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan issued a new governor regulation (Pergub) regarding the implementation of total PSBB starting Monday, September 14, 2020. The Jakarta PSBB will be valid for the next 14 days.

    The Governor Regulation Number 88 Year 2020 which Anies recently issued is an amendment to the Governor Regulation Number 33 concerning the implementation of the PSBB. Anies stated that the Jakarta Provincial Government needs time to formulate detailed policies in applying the emergency brake to re-enforce the total PSBB because the conditions of the Covid-19 outbreak in Jakarta are currently much different than the previous outbreak.

    "A few days ago when the PSBB transition ended, we needed extra time to formulate policies or policy details for PSBB starting on the 14th because there was an outbreak condition that was somewhat different from the previous situation," Anies said in a virtual press conference from City Hall, Central Jakarta. , Sunday, September 13, 2020.

    Anies said that currently the Covid-19 development outbreak is moving dynamically, because there is a decrease in the number of active cases in a certain period and again at another time. Based on the official page, the number of active cases is 12,174 patients, consisting of patients who are hospitalized and patients who are undergoing independent isolation.

    During the PSBB, the business sectors that were allowed to operate were 11 essential sectors, namely health, food, energy, communication and information technology, finance, logistics, hospitality, construction, strategic industries, basic services, public utilities and industry of vital objects and daily necessities.

    Anies Baswedan took the emergency brake policy to return to PSBB due to the increasingly alarming conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Capital City.

    There are three main indicators in Anies's decision, namely the increased mortality rate (Case Fatality Rate) and the bed occupancy ratio for isolation beds, the ICU which is expected to be full in the near future if steps are not taken to reduce the number of additional new positive cases.

    While the number of additional new positive cases of Covid-19 continues to be high, yesterday there were 1,440 new Covid-19 patients. The total number of Covid-19 cases in Jakarta has exceeded 50,000 cases, or 53,761 cases to be precise, with the number of active cases 12,174 patients. As many as 40,183 patients recovered and 1,404 patients died.

    Anies Baswedan asked residents to comply with the Jakarta PSBB by not doing activities outside from homes. "So if there is no urgent need, then don't leave the house," he said.

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