Relationship's Tips; 6 Signs Your Partner Is Having an Affair



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaWhen people commit to a romantic relationship, they generally promise to be loyal to each other. However, along the journey, some people might feel bored, especially in a long-term one which sometimes could lead to having an illicit affair.

    To couples, infidelity means betrayal. It can be the most difficult challenge faced in a relationship and also hard to forgive. If you do suspect your partner could have an affair, read on to know the signs that you might want to look for as compiled from Times of India:

    1. A relationship began as an affair 

    If a relationship started as an affair, don't be surprised if your partner will cheat again. He or she leaves someone for you, and they may do that again when they meet someone better.

    1. More interested in the phone than you

    In this digital era, it is very common that people often distracted by smartphones or gadgets. However, if your partner seems to be using his or her phone more than usual, this can be a cause for concern.

    1. Sudden changes

    Changes in behavior are inevitable. Yet if he or she suddenly changes and becomes strange, especially changes in appearance and becoming more socially active, you have reason to be suspicious. 

    1. Criticizing you often

    Disagreements and conflicts are part of a relationship. But when your partner becomes judgemental to you and compares you with others, this possibly means his or her romantic feeling for you has changed.

    1. Spending more money

    Your partner spends more money and overspending on themselves that has nothing to do with you. Perhaps they are secretly planning a surprise for you, but don’t get excited yet as it may be for an affair.

    1. Ask your schedule often 

    One of the more subtle signs of cheating is when your partner becomes too curious about your work schedule. 

    A sign of illicit affairs in one relationship may be nothing to be concerned about in another relationship. Besides, none of these signs is proof enough that your partner might be cheating on you, but they all together might be an indication.

    It is up to you what to do next, but at least you can talk to him or her about these matters.