Researcher Sheds Light on Candidate Vaccine Volunteer Infected With COVID-19



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Kusnandi Rusmil.

    Kusnandi Rusmil.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A lead researcher of Indonesia’s COVID-19 candidate vaccine clinical trial, Kusnandi Rusmil, on Friday clarified the recent incident of one COVID-19 candidate vaccine volunteer testing positive for the virus. 

    “The volunteer underwent a swab program from the health agency due to the person’s history of traveling out of town. The swab test sample was sent to the health agency and it was found to be positive,” said Rusmil on Friday.

    However, according to Rusmil, it is unknown whether the volunteer was vaccinated with a candidate vaccine or a placebo as the clinical trials divided the volunteers into two groups for research purposes. 

    The volunteer, prior to testing positive, had already been injected once in the candidate vaccine program, but had traveled outside of Bandung, where the COVID-19 candidate vaccine trials are held, before undergoing a second vaccination. 

    Fortunately, the volunteer is currently showing signs of recoveries after self-isolating. He explained that volunteers who were vaccinated, not with a placebo, would start to show signs of immunity within 2 weeks after the second injection and would be under constant monitoring for the next six months by the candidate vaccine clinical trials team. 

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