Ministry Confirms 72 Regional Head Candidates Violating Covid-19 Health Protocol



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Home Affairs Ministry announced 72 candidates for the 2020 Regional Head Election (Pilkada) had received a strong warning for violating health protocols against Covid-19. They were one governor, 35 regents, five mayors, 36 deputy regents, and five deputy mayors.

    “We are also preparing the sanctions for those violating the rules even after getting a warning. The sanction can be the postponement of the inauguration for the winner or the central government appoints an acting leader,” said the Ministry’s special staffer for politics and media, Kastorius Sinaga, in a statement on Thursday, September 10.

    He said the Home Affairs Ministry’s effort to closely monitor the candidates’ compliance with the health protocols helped to detect the violations quickly, and so violators could be warned based on the prevailing regulations.

    “So far, 72 candidates have obtained a warning. The number drastically increases compared to that of two days ago at 53,” Kastorius added.

    The Home Affairs Ministry applied the stick and carrot approach in enforcing the Covid-19 protocol during the election. Violators will be given a warning and even a heavier sanction if the violation recurs as adjusted to law and General Election Committee (KPU) regulations.

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