Epidemiologist Says Vaccine Not Magic Solution, Blasts Govt's 'Lullaby' Strategy



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe epidemiologist with the faculty of public health, University of Indonesia (UI), criticizes the government’s public communication regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. He argues that the way the government communicates to the people is by implying that the pandemic will be solved with the existence of a vaccine. 

    “Vaccine is not a short term solution, it’s not a magic solution that can end the pandemic,” said Pandu in Tempo’s virtual talk show 'Ngobrol @Tempo' on Thursday, September 10. 

    The epidemiologist reminds that the pandemic is a problem of public health. To overcome it needs surveillance and a change in people’s most basic health protocol behavior, which would finally be ended with a mass-vaccination on 70 percent of the country’s population.

    However, he views that the national COVID-19 task force is using an approach that he sees is trying to calm the citizens, instead of warning people of the actual dangers of the pandemic. This, he says, has caused people to neglect health protocols. 

    “Because the strategy practiced by the government is intentionally lullabying people, so they don’t get worried,” said Pandu Riono. 

    Amid the ever-growing daily cases, he observes that the government is pushing to inform the public about the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine development.  

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